Frequently Asked Questions

booking & payment

Can I pay through Bee?

Bee is a service similar to Fawry. You can choose to pay through Bee from the payment method page and receive the transaction code. You can call the Bee Customer Service number 16233 and inquire about the nearest branch. A confirmation code will be sent to the email address and the mobile number registered on your account at our website.

I want to reserve more than 12 seats and I can't, what do I do?

You can book more than once online, with a maximum of 12 seats each time.

Is there a possibility to book tickets for cinemas not available for online booking?

.Not possible

Where can I pay through Fawry?

You can access the Fawry website link on our booking page, :and you have three payment options .A-Paying directly through Fawry website .B - Find the nearest Fawry machine to you and pay through it C - Find the nearest ATM machine that has the option to pay through Fawry.

What are the shows timings and ticket prices?

You can enter the movie page that you want to inquire about it's timings and prices of tickets on our website, and click on the "Book" button in yellow under the crew, and choose the show and dates available, where you can know the final price of the ticket before payment.

user registration & profile management

How do I register on the website?

You can register on the site by clicking on the blue "Login" button at the top of the site, then clicking "Are you new to Register now!". A user name, email, and password are entered, provided that the user name and password have not been previously used. After registering, your activation message will be sent via the registered email to your account. You can also register on our site through the "Facebook" option and link your account to our site.

content & upload

How can I know the full weekly revenues of Arab and foreign films in Egyptian cinemas?

You can find out about the cinema revenues in Egypt on a weekly basis, by going to the website menu at the top, then clicking on the "Egypt Box Office" button.

How can I find out which movies are available for booking?

You can find the movies that are available for booking through our website, as you can click on the menu at the top of the website and go to the "Buy tickets" option.

How can I search for a movie or series on the site?

The site at the top contains a white search rectangle, and by clicking on it you can type what you want to search for and go to the desired page.

How can I know the story of a movie or series and the cast?

You can go to the desired page, whether a movie, series or artist page, through the search button in the website, and you can find out all the different data about the work, whether the story or the crew, or the classification of the work or the poster and its trailer.

Can I add a modification to a movie or artist page?

Modifications to works and artists pages can be made by pressing the "Edit" button on the page to be edited, then edit and send the data to be reviewed and verified by the content team and then published.