Ramadan 2019 Series Schedule

Hawa Asfar

  • 6.7
A dramatic thriller about the social and political conflicts between the Syrians and Lebanese in Damascus and Beirut.


  • 4.6
A tragic drama about a group of imprisoned Kuwaiti women and their stories of justice and revenge.

Khamsa W Nos

  • 6.4
A love triangle that starts when a love story between a strong woman and a power seeking politician deteriorates because of his hunger to power and money, and she only finds comfort with his own bodyguard.

Talqet Haz

  • 7.3
Abd El Sabur (Mostafa Khater) is a humble government employee who is struggling to take care of his family. His life changes completely in a sudden turn of comedic events when he is involved in an accident.


  • 7
Jabal (Taim Hassan) falls in love with Nur (Cyrine Abdel Nour) against all odds and struggles.

Bab Al Hara

  • 3.7
Set during the French occupation of Syria; after the bombing of a small town in Damascus, the people of Al-Dab'e alley have to take refuge in Al-Salihiya alley, and carry on with their lives under occupation, and life's ordeals.

LA Musiqaa Fi al'ahmadi

  • 6
A generational drama exploring the events in the city of Al-Ahmadi, and how it reflects the Kuwaiti lifestyle and traditions through 1940 till 1970's Kuwait.

Salasel Zahab

  • 7.2
A gold salesman is a professional in his field where he deals with plenty of women and takes advantage of them along the way, resulting in unpleasant consequences.

Badal Alhadouta Talata

  • 6.9
A series divided into 3 stories (10 episodes each) with different characters and events in each story.

W Ma Adrak Ma Omi

  • 2.8
Ghanima suffers from complex health problems, which require her to be treated in a different way.

Zay El-Shams

  • 7
Noor (Dina El-Sherbiny) is a lawyer whose brother is mysteriously murdered. When she starts looking for his murderer, clues point to some of the people closest to him.

Super Mero

  • 5.4
  • tvguide
Tamira (Amy Samir Ghanem), a journalist superhero working in a magazine, goes through a series of comedic events.

El-Wad Sayed El-Shahat

  • 5.5
  • tvguide
The story of Sayed (Fahmy), who comes from a poor background and marries a well-off woman, and gets in trouble when a family member cons a sum of money and involves him unwillingly.

Ibn Osool

  • 4.7
Hesham (Hamada Helal) a diamond trader from a wealthy family, is troubled by visions of people trying to murder him. Then he makes a shocking discovery about a family member.

Qamar Hadi

  • 7.3
Hadi (Hani Salama) suffers memory loss due to an accident, and his personality seems to change every time the moon appears.


  • 8.1
In this suspenseful thriller, a police officer is trying to find clues related to the unresolved murder of a young woman, feeling haunted by her ghost along the way.

Daqeqat Samt

  • 8.2
Two inmates are on death row, only to be surprised by a complete turn of events leading to their escape.

Dofa'at Alqahera

  • 6
  • tvguide
The experiences of the first group of Kuwaiti students studying in Egypt in 1956 and the story of their different journeys.